As Black from White is the gut wrenching life journey of Sally Graham. From the secluded upbringing of a single child to the misty fog of late teens without any purpose; Like a ship without a mooring, Sally’s life drifted into a deep sea of alcohol and drug abuse.

Caught in the middle of a controlling marriage, three children and further drug abuse Sally prayed a desperate prayer:

“God if you are real, you’d better do something otherwise tomorrow he gets it!”

The following day she embarked on a plan of murderous intent…

Sally’s life is now dedicated to facilitate those who are marginalized to break free from negative behavior patterns and work towards a healthy interdependence within their community. To work holistically with individuals and families in a manner that values dignity and provides hope. To resource communities and teams to better understand and connect with the marginalized in positive and productive ways which acknowledge self-care for all parties. To assist others to identify and value the power of their own stories and explore positive ways of self-expression and growth.


Sally Graham’s inspiring story is one that you will want to share with friends. Her interview has been one of our most downloaded programs and her book “As Black from White” fills in all the details. God answered her irreverent prayer as she was about to kill her husband and her story shows how God meets us wherever we are at – no matter how low we have sunk or hopeless our situation might seem. Sally shares her amazing journey and people in similar desperate situations can easily relate. Overall, it is a message of hope that God can truly bring “…beauty from ashes.”  (Eric Skattebo Host of “Marriage & FamilyLife)  Sally Grahams book “as Black from White” available here.

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  • The War Cry Magazine
  • Christian Woman Magazine
  • Tabor in Touch
  • Prison Fellowship International Global Link
  • Caleb Prize for Biography Omega Writers Award
  • Footprints Magazine
  • Eternity Newspaper National and International
  • Good News Newspaper National and International
  • Restoring Newsletter Prison Fellowship SA


Peter Goers “A harrowing tale well told and finally well lived”

Amber Petty “You will be blown away by this small book that contains such an intense spirally story of Sally Graham’s plunge into the depths of drugs and almost murder. I could not put it down.”


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